About Us

Who We Are

There are many wonderful websites featuring multiple brands where you can find your next outfit, but they all have four things in common:
  1. Mixed Sources – it’s very hard to discern whether the products came from sustainable/ethical sources
  2. Most of these sites cater to both sexes as well as children – SHIOOT is purely focused on Women.
  3. Most of these big sites are too expensive for small brands, our pricing (which includes a free membership) allows even the smallest designer to join the ranks side by side with the giants of the fashion world.
  4. Other sites offer products only, we will be showcasing not only products, but services such as beauty salons, spas, etc. As well as talking about sustainable options for all aspects of your life including travel…

Where Are We Going?

Our aim is to provide women with a platform where they can search with a peace of mind. Knowing that all brands listed on our site have been vetted to meet our standards for sustainability as well as ethical business practices.
We’re just starting out and don’t have an investor yet, which means that there’s still a lot of work to be done to make the website run smoothly, but we’re obsessed with making sure SHIOOT becomes the best option for those searching for sustainable products and services.
We would be over the moon if you could join us on this journey
Sylvia Dziuba
P.S. All suggestions for improvement are welcome